Do Steam Machines Have a Chance Against Established Gaming Consoles?

The main goal Valve is trying to achieve with Steam machines is to transfer PC gaming to the living room.

Can they do it?

This means they are directly competing with PS4 and Xbox One even when they are denying it. The main goal is for people to exchange their current consoles for a steam machine.

While the new console has some advantages, like upgrading it with new hardware when it gets too old, all PC gamers are very familiar with this concept already.

Additionally you don’t have to pay for games on different platforms. All PC games will be available on Steam machine as well.

This is a huge advantage and a real money saver for a lot of people.

While some people have some doubts whether or not the consumer will accept the new options, but also increased complexity of choosing the proper Steam machine for your needs, we think this is not really an issue.

People like games a lot, and when somebody is passionate about things, it’s no problem to learn something new and try new things when you’re promised better value for money or better gaming experience. Learning what hardware to choose is really not that difficult as you only have to look at about 3 or 4 things which are all rated with numbers.

For real gamers, customization is never an issue but rather an advantage.

Can people trade their games?

It is true that you can sell or rent your console game as it is stored in a disc this is in many countries illegal. While many games are already being distributed online, the way Steam works, and you can’t really trade it if you don’t like it.

This is one of the advantages of console gaming, but on the other hand. Console games cost a lot more money. You don’t get Steam sales and prices don’t change much over time which one big advantage for PC gaming.

If you’re not sure about buying a certain game, just wait for a sale and the price will be much lower, sometimes even 75% off or more. This way you can get your games for much cheaper than before.

You want better graphics in your games, just upgrade your Steambox with a better graphics card and you’re good to go.

Hey, if you have a PC you can play the same game on a PC as well, it is cross platform compatible which is really the cool thing about it.

Sure if you’re a casual gamer and don’t worry about getting the best gaming experience possible, then a standard console will do for you, but for those wanting the best gaming industry can offer right now, from the comfort of your couch, you have to consider getting a good Steam machine.

Maybe wait for a few months for new builds to come out.

Only time will tell the real effects of Steam machines on the gaming industry, but from what we know today, we can expect it to get a fair market share over time.

Here’s an interesting video from a different standpoint. Worth checking out.